who's colin even?

who's colin even?

“colin” is a cologne-based Indie-Pop duo, consisting of Colin and Jonas. The two found their musical niche in a mix of Indie-Pop, Softrock, and Alternative.

Still it remains quite difficult for the duo, to really classify their music into a genre. Their process of making, creating, writing music is never influenced by any industry-set boundaries, or expectations to fit into a specific niche. Their songs are what reflects and represents their emotions and own personalities best, while the two remain in a constant journey of finding their own "sound", or more a sound that really fits to their current state of mind. Meanwhile always looking out to bring moving and meaningful lyrics and sounds to their listeners. If you hear colin's music, it is really likely that you receive an idea of what the person behind the song went through, maybe even feel their emotions and identify with their work.

colin (Band)'s total catalogue is created inside of Colin’s 2 room apartment, with both band members doing production, mixing, and mastering. Therefore the band remains completely independent of the major industry in all of their musical recordings, as well as video and photo projects or other creative and supervising work.

Colin has been putting out music as a solo-artist since 2019, anyways, in the year 2021, he met his current bandmate Jonas, who has been involved
in various of colin’s projects before deciding to join the band. The duo exists as such since mid-2022, where the two decided to pursue the project as an actual band. All future songs will be created in direct collaboration between Jonas and Colin. I hope you're as excited as we are, to see what colin will publish in the very near future.

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